Many of you use Excel daily for planning, analysis and business reporting. Some have even heard of self-service business intelligence tools that exist as an add-on (Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Map) or for a Microsoft cloud service and business reporting platform (Power BI). We offer MasterClass on-line or on-premise trainings than can help you improve existing and gain new knowledge in the application of these applications and services.

Excel Revisited

This course aims to systematize knowledge and increase participants’ productivity. Emphasis is placed on shortcuts on topics related to: cell content and formatting, moving, selection, working with worksheets and workbooks, formulas, addressing and fixing cell addresses, working with series, Paste Special option, production charts, prepress, printing, comments, views …

Advanced Excel


This course includes work with the most commonly used: mathematical, statistical, logical, functions for conditional and multiconditional data aggregation, lookup&reference, work with text, time and dates, finding and processing errors, financial functions … Course also covers tracing and processing errors, input and evaluation of formulas…


This course deals in detail with the presentation and preparation of data for reporting. The first part will be about formatting, styles, themes and conditional formatting. Then we will focus on working with filters and report layout, and then we will deal with advanced options for working with charts, images, shapes, WordArt

Automation & Analysis

This course covers the areas of automation and analysis. Structured tables (Data Tables) are processed first, followed by basic concepts related to data retrieval and word processing, consolidation, duplicate removal, What-if data analysis tools and Solver. The Forecast Sheet option will also be a theme we’ll deal with. In short, this course covers application controls and creating macros.

Pivot Tables

This course is dedicated exclusively to working with Pivot Table reports, which allow data aggregation and viewing from multiple angles. It will be shown how they are made, how to impact their appearance, formats the content and exploit numerous additional options. You will learn how to create Pivot charts and interactive filters (Slicers, Timeline). Also, it will be about the techniques of preparing report dimensions, connection between Pivot tables and traditional Excel reports, as well as the creation of dashboards.

Business Intelligence

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is an Excel add-in that turns it into a reporting platform for creating business intelligence solutions. The course covers retrieving tables from various sources, linking them, building data models, preparing reporting dimensions (measurements and calculated columns) by writing DAX expressions and their presentation through Power Pivot reports and charts. The course will also cover the creation of KPIs, as well as the tool for creating 3D maps (Power Map).

Power Query

Power Query is an Excel add-in that is used to retrieve data from various sources, refine it, and consolidate it for further use when creating reports. The course covers: downloading and transforming data, adding, merging and combining queries.


This course deals in detail with the DAX expression language starting from the calculation context, through “X” functions, filter functions, all the way to the CALCULATE function … It covers the active role of slicers, DAX variables, many mathematical, statistical, logical, functions for working with dates and text and other useful DAX functions. At the end of the course, you will learn how Time Intelligence functions work, which can make it much easier for you to create complex business reports.

Power BI Reporting*

This course deals with creating Power BI reports. Power BI is a cloud service for retrieving data from various sources, connecting them, processing and creating reports with the help of attractive visual tools. These reports can be viewed using an Internet browser, integrated into web applications or accessed using a mobile application (Windows, iOS, Android). The emphasis of the course is on using the Power BI Desktop reporting platform to create functional and vivid reports.

*Due to its specificity, the Power BI Reporting course is organized exclusively as set of on-premise lectures or individual training. Please contact us for more information.

For participation in online trainings, in order to be able to communicate with the lecturer, you need to have a microphone + speakers or headphones with a microphone. A camera is desirable but not required.

To attend the Excel Revisited and Advanced Excel courses, you need to have Excel 2013 or any Office 365 plan that includes the installation of the MS Office package. For Excel BI courses, it must be Excel 2016 Pro Plus or any Office 365 plan that includes the installation of MS Office packages. This is a necessary prerequisite, because without the appropriate version of Excel, you will not be able to do the exercises, and therefore it is pointless to apply for the course.

Trainings include work in small groups (usually 2-4, maximum 6 participants) and a high degree of interaction between lecturers and participants. The programs are intensive, and the trainings are held by a certified lecturer (MOS Excel Expert). These courses are intended for individuals or legal entities, and can be organized as on-premises or on-line trainings.

For more details please write on an e-mail address on this link.