Consulting and training

Many of you use Microsoft Excel daily for planning, analysis and business reporting. Some have even heard of self-service business intelligence tools that exist as an add-on (Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Map) or for a Microsoft cloud service and business reporting platform (Power BI). We offer MasterClass on-line or on-premise trainings than can help you improve existing and gain new knowledge in the application of these applications and services.

The trainings are made for legal entities, for working with individuals or groups. They are divided into several areas, and within each of them there is one or more functional modules:

In order to maximize the effects, the teaching process consists of three phases: Assessment, Training and Verification.

In the first phase, an optional assessment of the knowledge of the participants is carried out. By testing employees, it is determined their knowledge in one or more areas and which training modules they should attend. The second phase is training, which is organized in groups. At the end, the acquired knowledge is checked and based on that we draw a conclusion to what extent they have mastered the lesson and whether it is necessary to repeat certain parts of the training. The lecturer keeps records of the participants’ attendance and success in solving the final test, and the records are kept automatically through MS Teams.

There are no uniform courses. The trainings are adapted to the needs of the participants, by choosing the modules that everyone will attend. The price is given for the group, and the client’s HR can, in agreement with the lecturer, decide how many participants will attend a particular module. Also, they can change the participants of each individual training. During the entire process there is a tight cooperation between lecturer and HR department in order to achieve a common goal: the training of employees who will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge.

Trainings include work in small groups (maximum 4 participants) and a high degree of interaction between lecturer and participants. They get working materials (examples, exercises, script) and a certificate of completed training in Serbian and English, issued in digital format. The programs are intensive, and the trainings are held by a certified lecturer (MCP, MOS Excel Expert). Trainings are intended for legal entities, and are usually held online. In agreement with the lecturer, they can be organized at the client’s location or another agreed location.

In addition to training, we also offer consulting services for creating business reports and/or programming.

Only the most basic information is displayed on this page. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us to answer additional questions, send a detailed description of the trainings, prerequisites and a specific offer in accordance with the needs of your company.

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