VBA macros are going to history?

Some time ago, a client contacted me complaining that he could not open the report I sent him because it was blocked by the operating system. Indeed, I recently read a rumor that Microsoft plans to replace VBA with TypeScript macros in the recent future because they pose a security threat. It means that all files containing VBA code, downloaded from the Internet, are now blocked. How to solve this problem?

Let’s face it, if you created the xlsm file on your computer you should be able to run macros normally. But if you send or receive a file like this, and download it from your e-mail client application, you may get a message like the one in the picture.

To be able to run macros, open a regular File Explorer application, e.g. Windows Explorer, locate the file, and then from its context menu, run the Properties option. In the General tab you will find the Unblock checkbox. Mark it as checked and then click OK.

After reopening the xlsm file you will be able to run the macros contained in it.

I doubt that VBA macros will disappear completely anytime soon, but expect that in time they will be replaced with a more “modern” variant of the programming language.