Version History

Version History is a great feature that can be used by all Microsoft 365 subscribers who store files on a SharePoint or OneDrive repository. Storing files in the cloud brings a lot of benefits, one of which is the overview of all versions and the ability to restore a previous version of an Excel document that was worked on by one or more users.

Every time you save an Excel file to one of the previously mentioned repositories, its version is remembered. Viewing versions is available to users after clicking on File and going to Background View. By entering the Info menu, the Version History option is available. By activating this option, a panel will appear on the right where you can see all versions of the current document and the types of changes. By selecting a version, clicking on its name in the panel, it opens in a separate window and we can still modify the document and save it under a new name.

Version History can also be launched from Windows Explorer. After finding the file whose previous version we want to find, right-click to open its context menu and then select the Version History option. A window will open where we can see all versions of the document. To the right of the name there is a menu with three options that allow restoring, downloading or deleting the file version.

Where does this apply in practice? Imagine you did some calculation and then saved the file. The next day you resume work, delete some important data, save the file… How to restore the first, correct version? Well, using the Version History option! Great, isn’t it?