Visual Zoom Slider

Power BI Desktop got another new feature in its November release. For visuals that contain too much detail, it is possible to turn on the Zoom Slider option. It allows you, without the need to create additional  filters, to zoom the contents of the slider and gain a better insight into the displayed data. This option does not affect any trend lines that you may have added on the chart that we want to zoom.

To begin with, we will add a Line Chart visual in which should show the sold quantities in relation to the sales dates. In the formatting menu, you must first turn on the Zoom Slider option. This will affect the appearance of the x and y axes on the chart. A slider will appear on the axes by which we can, moving its start and end point, adjust the range of the axes for which we are observing the data. If you enter the Zoom Slider menu you will find a few more options. First, whether zooming is done only for the x or only for the y axis, and then whether labels and tooltips are shown within the zoomed chart. Adjusting the slider gives you a “window” through which you can view sales data. It could be very useful in situations like this, when we analyze sales by days and the x-axis depicts a long period of time.