Calls menu

Microsoft Teams supports an integrated voice over IP (VoIP) solution, which can be used to communicate with team members. They can start, receive and transfer calls from or to fixed or mobile numbers all the time using MS Teams. For this purpose, they can use call plans provided by Microsoft or connect directly to the PBX (PSTN), which is enabled by SBC (Session Boarder Controller).

By entering the Calls menu you will see four submenus: Speed ​​dial, Contacts, History and Voicemail.

Speed ​​dial is a menu where you can create shortcuts to business and private user numbers. These can be team members, guests, but also external contacts. It is possible to organize them into groups for easier searching and access. Clicking the Add speed dial adds a shortcut, and the Add group button is used to add contact groups.

Contacts is a menu that contains a list of all your contacts. They are visible in the list, arranged in alphabetical order, and for each of them you can see the name, title and phone number. From the list you can directly call that person, start a chat, send an e-mail, remove a contact … By clicking Add Contact you can add a new contact person, and the Find a contact search field allows you to enter a term or part of it to filter the list and easily find the person you want.

History menu stores call history, while Voicemail can be used to work with voicemail messages.