Content generator

A few years ago, I attended a panel discussion on whether artificial intelligence will be able to replace humans when it comes to creative writing. Some participants claimed yes, others no, and my position is that it is not so much who will write and how, but who will such materials. Gloomy vision, isn’t it? In this text, I will show you how to fill in the pre-prepared text with your own values ​​and thus create fake news using the SUBSTITUTE function.

To begin, you need to write a short text. In the positions where it is necessary to replace individual words, enter some unique values, e.g. XXX or YYY. Then you need to create a formula (by entering in cell A8):


The first argument of the SUBSTITUTE function is the given text, the second is the value inside it that changes (“XXX”), and the third is the text with which it should be replaced (“Slavko Vujnović”). In this formula, I did not set the values ​​manually, but entered cell references instead.

If it is necessary to change more values, just repeat the procedure, with the first argument being the text we changed earlier. In this example, instead of A5, we will list cell A8. The procedure is repeated until we replace all the desired words.

Now comes the creative part. I downloaded a picture of Novak Djokovic from the Internet and added a “bubble” (one of the shapes from the palette). Almost any object in Excel can be assigned text, I will not enter it manually but take it from the last cell in which I performed the transformation. To achieve this, click on the shape, then on the Formula Box, and then enter the reference to the last cell in which we used the SUBSTITUTE function. In this case, it was A11. With a little extra customization and formatting, you will get a photo in which Novak “speaks” the given text.

The picture of Novak Djokovic was taken to illustrate this example, and the text in the “bubble” is not his real statement. Nole is #1 and that’s not fake news!