Appearance of a pivot table

Once we have created a Pivot table we can change the way it looks. Depending on the settings, the Pivot tables can be distinguished, although all those formatting properties that apply to the traditional Excel tables apply to them. By changing the style and displaying individual table elements (totals, subtotals, headers of rows  and columns), we can change the look of the Pivot table in accordance with the reporting needs.

Creating Pivot tables

Pivot tables (Pivot table reports) are a tool for creating interactive reports based on the range of selected data or structured tables. Columns from source tables are used as reporting dimensions by aggregation of data (measures) or using them to analyze in rows, columns, as filters (dimensions) … Once made, the Pivot tables are easily changed by adding or removing dimensions, giving us more different look at the unique original dataset.

Creating a scenario

The main feature of modern business is that the changes are quick and unpredictable. As a result, it is sometimes necessary to make several variations of the report, taking into account several possible alternatives to the value of the data that may affect the final outcome. For this purpose, the scenario method is used. Excel offers the ability to easily add, edit, and delete scenarios. The scenario shows the ability to display alternative business reports.