Error Bars at Power BI reports

When we create predictions or analyze existing results, there is always the possibility of error. For this purpose, when displaying charts in Excel we have always been able to display error bars. Since recently, this option also exists in Power BI Desktop. In the “recipe” that follows, you will learn how to add and modify error bars on a column or bar chart.

We will start by importing a simple dataset containing sales data. Next, we need to create a column chart visual that displays sales by month on the x axis, and the sum of sold quantities on the y axis.

We activate the display of error bars from the Analysis menu. At the bottom of this menu is the Error Bars section. Here, first of all, you need to drag the measure based on which the error bars are generated into the Series field. In our case, it is the SUM of KOL. Then we choose the type of error bar: field, percentage, percentile or standard deviation. Depending on the choice, you should respectively add measures that determine the upper and lower limits, or the amount of percentages, percentiles or standard deviation.

When we have set all the values, all that remains is to set the display of lines (Bar), labels (Error Labels) and tooltip comments (Tooltip). Each of these options offers additional settings, for example, font size or style and line thickness… The result is a chart showing error bars.