Power BI Smart Narratives represent a new feature that allows you to add automatically generated description, derived from one or more visuals, in which are shown business trends emerging from the report. Smart Narratives are automatically generated in English, but the text can be manually edited (translated) and formatted in the desired way. It is also possible to add new values ​​to narratives based on a given formula.

The first way to add a narrative is to right-click on a previously created visual and then select the Summarize option. A new visual field will appear on the desktop, which is a combination of text and values ​​derived from the selected report.

You can also add a narrative manually, by selecting the appropriate icon from the palette. In this way, data is generated based on all available visuals on the desktop. If you select a narrative, a context window with formatting options will also appear. Here are all the options you would commonly use to format the text.

To add a new value to the narrative, you need to click on the Value option. A window will open in which you can enter the formula. For example, to count all items, we would enter the formula COUNT of ID-ART. By combining descriptive texts and values, we can get a report that best describes business trends.