Reports for mobile phones

Power BI comes in several “flavors” and one of them is Power BI Mobile. It is a mobile app which can be downloaded both for Android and iOS devices, and is used to display reports that are optimized for the mobile phone screen. The CEO’s dreams became reality! The technology exists, and in the text that follows you will learn how to use it, with the help of the Power BI Desktop development platform, and create reports for “small screens”.

Reports for mobile devices are made in a similar way as regular reports. You will add common visuals to the reporting page, such as tables, charts, slicers … Also, it can be useful to add some buttons, shapes, text … After you go to the View ribbon and select Mobile Layout your report will be displayed in a mobile environment. In the center of the canvas you will see a picture of the mobile phone screen, and on the right side is a panel with available visuals from the report you created for the desktop environment report. By simply dragging visuals to the surface of the mobile phone screen as building blocks you will create a report suitable for presentation on a mobile phone device.