Small Multiples

When creating a report, the rule that less is better often applies. That is, instead of displaying everything with one visual, it is often a better tactic to create several smaller ones so that, by applying filters, you choose which of the data will be displayed. From now on, this procedure has been further simplified by introducing the Small Multiples option. It allows you to split one chart into several smaller ones based on a given dimension.

At very beginning we will create one simple Clustered Column Chart visual. In it, we will show the quantities sold in relation to the manufacturers of goods. If you add a dimension to the Fields menu of visuals, in the Small multiples section, e.g. CLASSIFICATION (KLASIFIKACIJA), instead of one you will get several smaller charts in which the total sales are separated in relation to the elements of the classification. That is, you will see in which classifications the items of the manufacturer of the goods you sold belong to.