Stop If True option

When defining conditional formatting rules, sometimes there are more than one format, and we want one formatting rule to exclude another. In these situations, Stop If True option may be helpful. It is used in various ways, and one of the simplest is filtering the conditional formatting rules given by icon sets. Let’s see how this works!

We have created a simple spreadsheet showing inventory levels for products P1 through P10. If we apply a conditional formatting rule by using icon sets, it will by default set red state for values less or equal to 33, green state for ones greater than or equal to 66, and yellow all values ​​in between. How to display only green values? We will add a new rule and create a formula:


We will set that, if the condition is met, the cells are format-free. If we apply this rule, nothing will change in the report. However, if you select the Stop If True check box, formatting for all cells that meet the second condition is abolished. only green „traffic light“ values ​​will be displayed.