Updated ribbons

Power BI Desktop got updated ribbons! The new, modern design, simplifies operation significantly because options are better grouped and easier to find. It is very similar to the one we encountered in Office365 applications and appeared as one of the preview features in November 2019. From April 2020, this should become the default look of the Power BI Desktop development environment, let’s see what new it brings.

To view new ribbons, you must enter Power BI Desktop options and activate the corresponding option in the Preview Features menu.

After restarting Power BI Desktop will get an updated, more functional look. By default, it contains several ribbons: File, Home, Insert, Modeling, View, and Help. Depending on the operation that is started, context ribbons will often appear, and most often you will encounter those called Table Tools and Column Tools.  They contain options that we use while writing DAX statements.

The themes have also improved significantly. The theme is a combination of visual elements (wallpaper images, colors, styles) used when creating a Power BI report. There are now a number of predefined themes, shown as styles within Office 365 applications. Users can also modify existing ones or create new themes based on the instructions given.